Q. Do I get to decide which bloggers I work with? 

A. Absolutely!

Once you’ve created your listing in the Marketplace, you’ll receive tailored proposals from our bloggers, detailing exactly how they can help you.

You can check out their work, assess their metrics, and choose the ones you’d like to work with. This puts you in complete control of your outreach and link building, so you’ll know exactly what you’re going to get.

Q. How much does it cost? 

A. It’s totally free to create your listing in the Marketplace and receive responses from our bloggers.

If you decide to go ahead and work with one or more of our bloggers, you’ll pay just 20% of the total project fee.

Q. How can I verify the quality of a blog before I decide to go ahead? 

A. When you view the submitted proposals, you’ll be able to view the bloggers’ profiles.

These include advanced data points from Moz and SEMRush, so you can make an informed decision about the blogs you’d like to work with, based on your objectives.

Q. What kind of projects do your bloggers work on? 

A. Our bloggers typically offer a full suite of services, including sponsored posts, guests posts, link placements, social media mentions, and more.

We urge our clients to think creatively when it comes to their project scope, so they can get the most out of their campaigns.

If you’re simply looking for a link with your desired anchor text, then of course we can deliver that for you. But you’ll often find that the best ROI can be achieved when you look at the bigger picture of your blogger relationships and that every placement can deliver wider benefits such as social signals and referral traffic.

Q. What if a blogger fails to deliver the agreed work? 

A. We carefully vet our network to ensure that our bloggers are reliable, trustworthy, and deliver the very highest quality of content.

Of course though, sometimes things can go wrong, so we have processes in place to make sure you’re protected at every stage. Your payment will be held in escrow, and only released to our creators once the work has been delivered to you as agreed.

Q. I’m operating in a very specific niche. Do you have relevant bloggers who will be able to help me? 

A. We work with over 17,000 bloggers, so it’s likely that we have content creators who are very relevant to your niche.

However, if you can’t find the right bloggers for your project, you won’t pay a penny.

Q. I’m an SEO practitioner building links for a range of clients. Can I use the Marketplace? 

A. Yes! The Marketplace is the perfect solution for SEO experts who are looking to acquire high-quality links for their clients.

Q. I’m unsure which keywords I need to target, or what I should request from the bloggers. Can you help? 

A. We certainly can! We’re happy to help you with keyword research and campaign ideas, at no extra charge.

Q. I’ve got a few more questions. Can I speak to a member of the team? 

A. Of course. We’re available to answer all your questions and ensure you have the support you need to get started with the Marketplace today. You can drop us an email here or find out more ways to contact us here.