We Love Dates, one of the main brands in the online dating space, have been using Get Blogged to increase their online dating membership sign ups through organic search. Launched in 2010, the We Love Dates site has a long history of varying seo techniques, some very good and reputable… and some not so much (everyone has tried it at some stage!).

The challenge We Love Dates wanted to tackle, was a better spread of links across the website. The site had become ‘top heavy’, with links going to the home page, that, over time, had become less transactional. They wanted to build the reputation of the top level landing pages by working with Get Blogged’s range of Bloggers and Influencers.

Starting with MOZ metrics, they could see the root domain was already strong:

  • Domain Authority: 42
  • Links from Root Domains: 204
  • Total Links: 16,561*

*Many of these links had been generated from some murky attempts at seo in the past, as well as the occasional spam campaign from a competitor… and you thought online dating was all lovely and fluffy!

However, when you went down to a landing page level (where the conversion happens), the metrics weren’t as impressive:

  • Links from Root Domains: 7
  • Total Links: 2,486 – again, high total links, but not for positive reasons!

The approach was clear. Engaging a spread of Bloggers and Influencers, We Love Dates set about getting a consistent, and solid spread of sites to feature them. We Love Dates wanted to boost the number of Root Domains that were linking to a sub page on the site, while ensuring they were featured in sites with a higher domain authority. Together with Get Blogged, they devised a plan to spread their budget to acheive as many assignments across the higher domain authority sites as possible.

In month one, this took the form of 50 assignments going live on Get Blogged, and generated 90 featured links to a selection of pages on We Love Dates.

Within a couple of weeks of the first placements going live, We Love Dates started to notice they were appearing for search terms on Google that were not only highly competitive, but they hadn’t appeared for previously!

A word from Get Blogged:

Working with We Love Dates was great for our Bloggers, as they came up with a great content angle and flexible requirements. This allowed us to really get involved and help shape their campaign.

Future Plans

If you’re reading this as a potential client, We Love Dates are continuing to go from strength to strength with their rankings and have also offered to speak to anyone who would like to learn more about their experiences with us! Get in touch with the Get Blogged Team for more info.

If you’re reading this as a blogger… good news! We Love Dates are now a regular customer, and generate multiple opportunities for Bloggers each month on Get Blogged.