About Get Blogged

What Is Get Blogged, Anyway?

Get Blogged is the easiest solution for bloggers wanting to monetise their blogs, and for brands, businesses and agencies needing help with, or wanting to outsource their outreach in a cost effective way.

Get Blogged: Making Manual Blogger Outreach A Thing Of The Past

As site owners ourselves, we had been working with bloggers for years on a one-to-one basis, managing everything from an inbox and a very large spreadsheet! Every month we discussed a better way of doing our blogger outreach, before going back to the hundreds of emails, paying invoices, and updating endless rows in a google doc.

Eventually, we had too many bloggers and too many brands to continue doing this with our sanity intact! Our team sat down and planned the creation of a platform that would allow bloggers, influencers, brands and site owners to all work together – hassle free!

Our Goals

In the early days, our managed brands and sites relied on technical SEO and on-page content, and we could only just afford our own time to work on link-building. The dream of paying an SEO Agency thousands of pounds each month was a long way off and too risky. BUT, we all knew that being mentioned, featured and linked was still one of the pillars of improving SEO results.

We’ve been through the tough times as a small business, trying to acquire content placements that make a positive difference to our domain authorities and search result positions, and getting every piece of value out of the monthly budget.

We now want to make our process and platform open to all the small businesses out there to make the SEO world a little bit fairer, and less dominated by the people with the biggest budgets.

The Get Blogged Team

Our entire team have been hands on at every level of running and owning a website…many websites in fact, and we’ve all worked hard to pour in years of knowledge and experience in to the Get Blogged solution to ensure that all your requirements are covered.

LucyLucy is an experienced outreach expert, and used to manually manage large blogger outreach projects, but now gladly uses Get Blogged!Lucy also owns blogs, Real Parent, Real Wedding and Real Life, working on blogging campaigns with brands such as eBay, Sports Direct and Little Tiger Group. She’s also a contributor to many high authority sites such as Thrive Global, Your Tango and Lifehack.

Feel free to contact Lucy via email, or follow her on Linkedin and Twitter.

BenBen has been working on digital products since early 2000, having enjoyed early success in ecommerce before moving his focus into Conversion Optimisation.With a background in development, management, marketing and a general interest in trying anything, Ben is great at understanding what our brands require from the Get Blogged service.

You can contact Ben via email, or follow him on Linkedin and Twitter.

Give us a shout if you would like to learn more, or register for free as a blogger or brand, and start taking advantage of Get Blogged today.